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Capturing the Moment!

Wedding in any individual’s life is definitely one of the most important and blissful experiences in life. It is a memory that needs to be cherished forever. Hence it is mandatory to capture all the important moments and make them timeless.

Candid Photography

It is those unscripted moments in a wedding that makes it beautiful. Every time you look at those pictures you can actually enjoy and recollect those awesome moments that made the wedding an exceptional event in your life. In Bridal Dish Photography a separate team of photographers will be assigned to capture candid moments throughout the event.

Wedding Films

Wedding films are more like a short version of the whole event. Some might even go that extra mile and recreate the whole journey of how they met and how they fell in love with each other. The Bridal Dish Photography is known for coming with great concepts to create wedding films.

Aerial Photography[Drone]

Aerial Photography using drones have become very common. It just elevates the entire scene and helps to capture some amazing shots. We have a special team to handle the drones and capture the amazing moments at a wedding.

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Helpful Tips For Wedding Planning

Anybody who’s intended a wedding event understands: there’s always information you win after your event that makes you assume, “I wish I would certainly have understood that when I was planning our wedding event!” 

From the issues of complicated seating graphs to uncomfortable conversations to be had around spending plans (“Hey mother, can I, uh, get that check?”), there are numerous points to take into consideration when it pertains to intending the excellent soirée. 

To assist you as you plan, after that, we connected to our fantastic neighbourhood of Aisle Planners to ask for their most cherished items of preparing advice– as well as we have actually assembled their oh-so practical wedding preparation tips listed below. Continue reading, as well as get ready for some seriously effective (and also empowering) planning understanding.


Image result for start planning early wedding

You might have summer 2020 in your mind as the perfect wedding day, yet don’t think that suggests you have to wait two years before you begin planning. The earlier you get onto it, the simpler, and also much less difficult it will certainly be as your day approaches.

Having a clear strategy prior to you begin will assist you to continue on top of every little thing as well as be sure that you do not fail to remember something important. Insurance coverage, rough guest listing numbers and the budget plan ought to always be your very first 3 points.



Image result for wedding budget

Do not spend anything until you’ve established a realistic spending plan that will not stretch you as well far. It’s a common blunder to forget all the little extras, also– for the budget plan to work, you need to consider every information. Do not forget to make up additional costs like outfit alterations, presents and beauty expenditures. These can all build up!

Although it’s your big day, your family and friends will be more than going to help and will wish to be associated with the planning. By obtaining help from individuals you trust, you’re more likely to feel that you can be honest if things aren’t precisely as you desire them!


Image result for wedding guest list

Arranging the guest list early is essential so you can then concentrate on discovering the ideal location that will cater for your chosen variety of visitors. Expenses per head will certainly most likely be your biggest expenditure, so do not be ashamed– tripped right into welcoming people you do not wish to come. 

It’s the most significant and hardest decision in the whole planning procedure, yet it needs to be your own and your h2b’s decision only.

You may not be a fan of where you presently live, or want to wed where you matured, but ensure you don’t stray also much from the majority of your guest list, as fewer people will certainly be most likely to go to. 

It will likewise influence the timings of your day– you can not expect visitors in Liverpool to reach Somerset by 11 am, for example. This is especially essential if you’re preparing for a wedding event abroad. To be secure, expect that many individuals will not have the ability to make it.


How To Get That Bridal Glow?

You’re marrying the man of your desires and all you can think of is what flowers you want enhancing the seats, what shade your bridesmaids outfits will certainly be, what taste cake to purchase, the number of your moms and dads’ friends you need to invite, and what trainer you must count on for your pre-wedding workouts.

Do not slip up as well as leave your ideal device out of the planning stages: your skin!

Here is a skincare plan to provide you with a perfect wedding glow on your wedding. Preparing your skin for your wedding celebration takes equally as much time than a lot of your prep work so ensure to obtain your skin on your mind early in the video game as well as follow this timeline for skin prep work.

You’ve made it via the enjoyable part of your interaction (admit it: You enjoyed breaking all those ring selfies), as well as now it’s time to enter the nuts and bolts of looking superb on your big day. We’re discussing your wedding event beauty program because today is the excellent excuse to give it a transformation so that you can have the best hair, skin, as well as nails of your life as you make your way down the aisle.

Sorry, brides-to-be, but it’s not simply your place, invitations, bridal gown, and also seating chart that needs your focus. In addition to your wedding celebration list, you have another collection of to-dos to dominate prior to you state “I do,” but the good news is this checklist is lots much more fun than making a decision where your feuding relatives ought to sit.

Starting (or sprucing up) a wedding event beauty routine is an excellent way to practice some self-care, giving you the chance to de-stress ahead of your weddings. And of course, each step will aid you in refining your wedding-day appearance, from smoothing your skin to strengthening your hair. Because that doesn’t want to look their finest on their big day? Wedding celebration images last for life, need we remind you?


Image result for eat fruits

The primary step in the direction of having a clean and also beautiful skin is to make sure you’re having lots of water. The suggestion is to keep the body hydrated. In addition, make sure you have lots of watermelons, which is a fantastic source of hydration for your skin. Furthermore, you can additionally have grapefruits, broccoli and also lettuce.


Offer your skin a long time to prepare, at the very least 3 months prior to the big day. This must ideally be the moment when you consistently begin looking after your skin if you have not done it till now, as well as your diet needs to obtain more health and also all-natural.

For brides-to-be in their 20s, this is the age when you may be obtaining acne and skin discolouration from the sun. Go with deep-cleaning facials for a month that will certainly help prep the skin.


Image result for take supplements wedding

In addition to good food, your skin will also gain from a few vital supplements like an excellent multi-vitamin, Co-Q10 that boosts metabolic efficiency and enhances heart wellness and also Omega-3 (found in fish oil) that is terrific for heart, eyes, mind, skin and your total health.

Use a great moisturiser daily, at the very least two times, over your face and all over your body. Additionally, see to it you provide additional interest to areas that are excessively dry, like arm joints, knees, feet and hands.

To Drone or Not to Drone on Your Wedding Day

Using a Drone on Your Wedding Day

Hiring a professional photographer for your wedding offers you a lot of benefits. Photographers can capture all the highlights of your big day, turning each moment into photos that you will love looking back on even years after you tied the knot. They offer you ease and convenience in terms of immortalizing your wedding day. And, they do so in the most creative and beautiful way possible. For one, they can use drones to make your big day more special. 

Indeed, drones can take the most spectacular and stunning videos and photos. This is why they have been such a popular choice among couples who are planning to wed. However, it can be a pricey addition to ask from your photographer. Is it worth the extra cash? Well, if you’re contemplating whether to have a drone or not on yours, let us help you! 

To Drone or Not to Drone?

To help you decide on whether or not to have a drone on your wedding day, let’s discuss the pros and cons. This way, you can weigh your options and arrive at a decision based on your situation and needs. 

  • Pros:

Drones can capture images from a location you can only dream about. They give you still photos from above, steering clear of any object or person who might be obstructing the view or shot. So, with one, there’s no missed moment because there’s always a clear shot of what is happening. As a result, you can expect amazing and original photographs from your wedding day. 

Also, drones give you a new perspective on your big day.

You can see how all your hard work and planning come together. You’ll get to see how beautiful your location is, how your color combinations worked perfectly, and how your setup will look from afar. 

Drones allow you to have interesting and artistic images as well. You can request aerial images of your guests forming different shapes like a heart, your initials, etc. There are limitless possibilities of what kind of images you can produce with drones. And, they will certainly be great additions for your wedding album.

Lastly, drones are fully capable of capturing dynamic and illustrative photos that can show the scenic aspect of your event. So, if you’ve spent a significant amount of time and money on finding a unique location and venue for your wedding, having a drone is the perfect way to capture this. An aerial image is the best way to take advantage of how beautiful your chosen venue is. 

For instance, if you’re getting married on your family’s property that just looks timeless and beautiful, a drone is certainly a great choice. Or, if you’re having a wedding on a boat, mountainside, and vast valley, there’s no better option than a drone. 

  • Cons:

While drones are indeed strong, they are still considered as electronic devices. Thus, they can’t be used in heavy rains or strong winds. So, if the weather suddenly doesn’t turn into your favor, you can say goodbye to those aerial shots you’ve been dreaming about.

The next thing you have to consider is your venue. When getting married indoors, you can’t use drones. Well, you can, but it’s very risky. There’s a high possibility of hitting objects, the ceiling, and more importantly, people. But, having enough space isn’t the only issue with using drones indoors. It also produces a loud noise that you wouldn’t want on your ceremony. This also makes it inappropriate for close up shots. 

Then, there’s the cost of adding drones for your wedding day. Here in Australia, you will have to spend around $150 to $400 to add a drone in your wedding photography package.

Final Things to Consider

Certainly, aerial photos can make your wedding more special. However, it’s also very dangerous to have around. When it comes crashing down, it can certainly injure you and your guests – which will not only leave you with bad memories of your big day but also make you vulnerable to potential legal exposure. 

So, if you’re planning to hire a drone, your primary concern should be you and your guests’ safety. Essentially, drones are mini helicopters installed with cameras. So, if the operator is not properly trained or is not a professional, you are at risk of having multiple accidents on your wedding day!

Now, to make sure this doesn’t happen, it is best to hire a reliable photographer. Particularly, a drone pilot who has extensive knowledge of how to operate a drone, has an established safety plan, and someone with insurance. 


Most Important Vendors You Shouldn’t Forget to Hire for Your Wedding

Planning for Your Wedding?

Planning for a wedding is similar to playing a puzzle. You have to put in all the pieces together to form one big picture. And, just like all the puzzles you have played, you need to put every piece in its exact position. So, it takes time, patience, as well as organization – which is particularly true for wedding planning too!

Think of the vendors as your puzzle pieces. You will need each one to complete the bigger picture – your wedding! Without one, you won’t be able to fully see the result. And, similar to your wedding, if you are missing a vendor, it won’t be as great or remarkable as you have always imagined it to be.

What to Do Before Choosing Your Vendors?

First of all, you need to set a firm wedding date. It will be difficult and nearly impossible for you to secure any vendors without one. And, you need to figure out what you and your future partner want. What is your vision? Do you have priorities? From then, you plan accordingly. To give you an idea, if you have your heart set out on a venue, for example, your family house’s backyard, you can book that first and then work out what else you need. This can be a tent, chairs, tables, caterer, etc.

So, before you start looking for vendors, finalize the date. You should also consider the timing. For example, it would be hard to complete your other rental orders when you haven’t hired a caterer yet. This is because you won’t know their needs or what your caterer already provides.

Now, to help you figure out which ones to hire earlier and which comes last, we have grouped the vendors into two categories: those who are capable to have more than wedding a day and those who cannot. Always remember to book vendors who CANNOT serve more than one wedding.

Important Vendors to Hire for Your Wedding (Cannot serve more than one client/wedding a day)

1. Wedding Planner

It is ideal to hire a wedding planner before you find a venue for your ceremony and reception. A planner is a seasoned expert who knows more about venues than anyone you might know! So, it is best to take advantage of that and hire one earlier. Besides, a wedding planner also has favored vendors that they can recommend, these are people whom she has already worked with in the past. This not only saves you time looking for a vendor, but this also gives you huge savings! Usually, the vendors that will be recommended already has close ties with the planner, and this means that they will give discounts and extras!

2. Venue

The venue should be among your top list especially when you are marrying in a major city. Dates often get booked up as much as 1 or even 2 years in advance, so hurry! Also, be mindful that the venue you choose will set the look and feel of your wedding. Plus, it determines the other vendors you need to work with.

3. Officiant

Now, don’t forget to hire someone who will marry you and make it official. Without an officiant, you will just be planning a big and pricey party!

4. Caterer

If your venue does not come with a caterer, then you will need to find one that matches your taste, literally. Aside from the food and drinks, many caterers provide rentals as well like chairs, tables, plates, silverware, and linens.

5. Wedding Photographer

Your photographer will be the one responsible for capturing each element from your wedding and make it last forever. So, it is important that you find one that you can rely on and trust. If you are planning to hire photographers from a popular company, make sure to do this early.

6. Entertainment

If you don’t know a band and a DJ in your area and if you are open to exploring a number of them, make sure to start the process six or nine months before your big day. This is to make sure that you check them out first and see how they perform in front of an audience. A DJ, band and any particular type of performers such as a violinist or dance troupe, are important elements of a wedding. They will make sure that your guests are having fun and dancing all night long!

Vendors Who Can Serve More than One Client/Wedding a Day

7. Florist

Before hiring a florist, make sure you have already chosen your gown and your bridesmaid dresses. The only thing to remember here is to consult your florist in the same season you are planning to get married. This is so you can see what flowers are available during that time.

8. Videographer

If you already have your venues finalized, it will be easier for you to know if a videographer has worked there before. However, if you want to save money and avoid

the hassle, you can hire from the same company as your wedding photographer.

9. Invitation Designer

5 to 8 months before your wedding, find a designer for your invitation. This will give your calligraphers time to create the final details of your wedding and this will also be enough time to receive all your RSVPs.

10. Hair and Makeup Artists

Of course, you want to look fresh and at your best on your wedding day. So, secure artists that you know can do that for you!

11. Cake Designer

A designer for your cake isn’t too hard to find that’s why we’ve put it in last. However, ensure that your cake complements every other detail in your wedding!  

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

Do You Really Need Professional Photographers for Your Wedding?

A wedding is one of the most important days of your lives as a couple. It is a momentous event where you can come together and celebrate with your friends and family the love you have for each other. And, it’s understandable that you want to make everything perfect – from having the best caterers in town to choosing the best dress and finding the right people to make your one big day remarkable and truly special.

Now, we also understand that when it comes to planning your dream wedding, costs start building up and that you may want to cut it down. You may also find ways to avoid paying for services that you think a friend may do for you… which is great – just not for your wedding photographers.

Weddings are (ideally) once in a lifetime kind of events that you simply can’t take for granted. Moments from this event will happen only once, making them truly priceless. That kiss your dad gave you as he hands you over to your soon-to-be forever partner will only happen in a flash. That look your husband had when he first sees you with your wedding dress, or that time where you all just laughed with your bridesmaids will be gone with a blink of an eye. So, it’s best when you have these moments captured by professionals who can give you photos that you can cherish for the rest of your life.

However, if you’re still not convinced, we’ll give you more reasons why you shouldn’t skimp on your wedding photographers.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

1. Fast Results

With pro photographers for your wedding, you can expect great photos instantly. Well, okay, not instantly that you get it tomorrow after your wedding but soon enough. These will be photos that are well-edited, chosen out from hundreds if not thousands of shots, and those that really capture the essence of your wedding day. You can guarantee that the pictures you will receive are complete and perfect, and with a consistent look and quality that is great in print as well as online. They will be eye-catching and you can proudly share them on your social media with your friends and followers.

2. More Convenient

So, in case you won’t hire the services of a professional photographer, who will you ask to lend you a hand in taking the most important photos in your event? We’re guessing you’re thinking of a friend who’s pretty handy with his new camera or a family member you can easily ask, right? Well, the thing with doing this is that they won’t have time for themselves or to catch up with your other guests. This person can’t enjoy and have fun with you because he’s too busy taking the shots for you. The most convenient way for you and your guests is to hire a professional who will be ready anytime there’s an important moment happening.

3. They Know What They are Doing

Professional photographers have years of experience in capturing weddings. So, they know which shots to take, what position they should be in, and how to make that moment appear better in photos. Also, they can anticipate what will happen next, making them ready for anything. Remember, weddings aren’t photo shoots where you can recreate the scenes. It is a continuous and dynamic event that gives a person only time to take those precious moments.

4. They Give You The Results You Want

Since your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, you’d want to keep images that have that exquisite detail and stunning finish – because these are the same photos that you will look back on forever. And only professionals can give you stunning and beautiful photos that truly capture all the feelings and emotions at your wedding day.

5. They are Fully Prepared

If you hire photographers for your wedding, you can expect them to come with complete gears. They have extra lenses, flashes, extra batteries, and even an extra camera. But more than the equipment, professionals will come to your event ready for all the action.

Professional Photographers are Solid Investment

So, you already invested in your dress, your venue, rings, cake, and everything else, correct? Why not also consider having that additional expense of hiring someone to capture all these elements together and turn them into memorable photos? Professional photographers are a great investment because unlike the other elements you’ve already paid for, they will actually give you something to relive your day. You can look back at them any time you feel like it and you can use them to show your kids and, someday, your grandkids just how beautiful your wedding was.

10 Must-Have Wedding Photos

10 Must-Have Photos You Shouldn’t Miss on the Big Day

A wedding day is just that – one single day. All those food and cake tastings, meetings, fittings, endless preparations, and planning come together on one single day. And, with just a blink of an eye, it will be over. So, make sure you capture all the wonderful moments during your wedding and turn your special day into a memory you can cherish for a lifetime!

The Most Important Wedding Moments You Need to Take

Your wedding photos will be reminders of your big day and they will last literally forever. However, since there are just too many things happening on a single day, it is easy to miss some of the most important shots every couple would love to look back on years after your wedding day. So, don’t let that happen and make sure to read through our 10 Must-Have shots for your big day!

Give this list or share our link to your photographer and have the most beautiful collection of photos that you can wish for. Have something to enjoy looking back on and cherish the happiest moments on your wedding day with our list!

1. Getting Ready Moments

There are lots of time and effort placed on making you look your best during your wedding day. And, after all that shopping and choosing what accessories to wear to picking the right wedding dress, you would want to document the big reveal! Have your maid of honor zip you up or have your mom push back those little strands of hair behind your ear before having your makeup done and you will certainly love looking back at it for years to come!

Also, consider taking those “before all the glitz and glamour” shots and cute robes or pajamas with your bridesmaids and enjoy the casual and effortless moment.

2. Bridal Portrait

Surely, it wasn’t easy finding “the one”, right? And, no matter where you got yours, whether at some famous couture designer store, bridal salon or on the internet, your wedding dress is a special item that you need to be able to save. Ensure that your dress has its solo moment and after, wear it and savor the moment under the spotlight.

This is your time to shine. So, show off that dress and show everyone how it looks fantastic on you! Coordinate with your photographer to make sure he sets off enough time to capture you in your wedding dress.

3. Groom and His Groomsmen

A lot of men don’t like taking too many photos… alone. However, if you put them all together, they will act as themselves, let loose, and be crazy! And, this is what you want to see years from now… how goofy they all looked like, playing tough and just having fun.

Of course, this also includes the groom portrait. This is to remind you of how dapper and handsome your husband looked on your big day!

4. Wedding Candids

Ah. Our favorite moment. This is where you can just be yourselves and act how you normally will when you and your soon-to-be husband are together. During this time, your photographer will simply snap pictures of you two, not directing you or telling you how to pose. These shots are often the most emotional and “true” moments on your wedding day. This can be the “first look” when you finally have your walk down the aisle, when your maid of honor makes her speech, or when you read your groom a love note before taking the walk.

5. The Exit

That “we did it” moment where you’re holding hands, smiling and have confetti thrown at both of you? It’ll be amazing when you look back at it years from now.

6. The Kiddos

It is a must that you share a photo with your flower girl/s and ring bearer. They are great for throwback photos especially when those little ones are all grown up and having their own wedding.

7. Rings

Other than your pearl necklace and diamond earring, one piece of jewelry that you will have to wear for your entire life – hopefully so – are your rings. These shots can be extremely creative, depending on your photographer.

8. Your Venue Shot

Imagine that your venue is just like you. It took long planning and preparation to make it look beautiful and elegant, just how you imagined it to be. So, before your guests start taking their seats, make sure to have your photographer sneak in and take a photo of your empty venue. It is the right time as everything still looks perfect.

9. The Kiss

Seal it with a kiss! To capture perfectly your first kiss as a married couple, maybe you can try to ask your officiant to step out of the shot for a bit. By kiss, we also mean all the other kisses you share while having your first dance or when you make your way out of the reception – it’s the perfect ending for your big day!

10. The After Party

Finish it off by just letting it loose on the dance floor and sharing some laughter with your friends and family while your photographer stays at a distance and just capture how tired and yet truly happy you are as your one single day comes to an end.

Why Hire a Professional Photographer?

The key to saving all those special moments during your big day is to have professional photographers who are ready to take them. Having a wedding photographer is undoubtedly important. Not only are they always prepared to take a shot but they are also extremely skillful, giving your beautiful moment creativity and added beauty! With professional photographers at your wedding, you can see just how beautiful your big day was through the eyes and perspective of an experienced artist. Moreover, with our list and a professional backing you up, you can finally see just you made the wedding of your dreams into a reality.

5 Essential Tips for Wedding Photographers

5 Essential Tips for Wedding Photographers

The purpose of wedding photography is to help the couple involved create lasting memories of their special day. That’s the reason every professional in this field should know how to bring out the best shots. Since a wedding happens on just one day, the work of a photographer can be very tricky. The simple fact that a photographer has to deal with the couple’s families and meet all their needs can be stressful. Before you sign the contract, bear in mind that the wedding shall take place in only a few hours. Within that short time, you have to capture the essence of the wedding day for the couple, their family and friends.

1. Carry a Working Camera, Enough Accessories, and Manpower

Photography cannot take place without a camera. If your camera hasn’t been in use for a while, check that it is in proper working condition. No need to get to the wedding venue only to be embarrassed by a faulty camera. To pre-empt likely mishaps, carry an extra camera, lights, and lens. In addition to that, you need sufficient accessories. You will need enough camera batteries as well as memory cards for storing your photographs. It is also important that the photographs be stored on a laptop for backup purposes. So carry one to avoid situations where your precious photographs get wiped off.

By and large, wedding photography isn’t an activity you can do on your own. So ask one of two people to accompany you during the shoot. The extra hands will handle lighting, take test shots, and capture any scenes you could be missing. If you are in a working relationship with another wedding photographer, ask him or her to act as your assistant, so that you can reciprocate on his or her next assignment.

2. Make Prior Plans for the Shoot

It is not advisable for a photographer to go to a wedding unprepared. That’s why it is important to take extra photographs of the bride and groom in various attractive locations. In accordance with your photography manual, help the couple to choose the poses they will use during the wedding. Since newlyweds are doing this for the first time, make sure you give all the necessary instructions prior to their big day. However, it is important that you be patient with them.

3. Capture Firsts and Reactions

During the planning phase, it is important that the couple tells you the special moments they want you to capture. Expect them to mention the first look, first dance, first kiss, and so on. These special moments tend to happen in a flash and call for extra vigilance on your part and that of your assistant. As the couple makes an entry into the church or garden, capture the photos from different angles. Turn on shutter speed so that the camera can take multiple shots. Later, you can select the best.

During the first kiss or dance, friends and family will react. Have your assistant take multiple shots as the family and friends express their delight. Even though these reactions are momentary, it is important to capture as many facial expressions as possible.

4. Know All the Guests to the Wedding

Weddings attract all kinds of guests, whether they are friends, family, and neighbors. To know whom to include in your shoot, go through the guest list and mark out the VIPs. Since wedding photography is about capturing what’s important to the couple, make some standout portraits for these important individuals.

Be careful how you handle friends of the bride and groom. It is important for you to shoot great portraits of the friends solo and with the couple. So have the bride pose with her friends and the groom too. For the bride, have them make some girly poses. The groom’s group portraits need to showcase some manly poses. At the end of the shoot, take some group portraits of everyone present at the wedding.

5. Capture the Smiles and Rare Moments

If you are looking to be a real professional at wedding photography, it is important to keep watch for the rare moments. Have a third eye and you will spot spontaneous laughter, someone whispering in another’s ears, a smiling kid, and so on. It is these lively occurrences that make wedding photographs worth looking at. As soon as you see a defining moment, click away and capture it. At the end of the day, the couple will be glad that you were able to capture the essence of the wedding.

As you can see, wedding photography requires you to make elaborate preparations and to be on the lookout on the wedding day. This calls for extra vigilance.

Things To Consider While Choosing A Wedding Planner

Things To Consider While Choosing A Wedding Planner

A wedding is undoubtedly one of the most important events in an individual’s life. As the date nears, everyone gets nervous and consumed by the things that surround the wedding. Planning the wedding is a humungous and nerve-wracking task.  In a wedding, everything must be executed smoothly for the event to be flawless.

With the fear and the nervousness building, it is hard for anyone to concentrate and organize things. This is where the wedding planners come into play. These wedding planners are professionals who can organize weddings according to the desire of the clients. Opting for the wedding planners takes off a lot of burden and tension. But there are a few things that you need to consider before choosing a wedding planner.

Personality and trust

It is important that you need to choose the wedding planner with whom you can get along easily.  There will be a time when you need to keep changing things in your plan. In those situations that the planner must understand the importance of the situation and stay calm.

You need to make sure that the planner can be trusted in all situations. They might be exceptional in their work, but trust is a factor that should take the front seat.


The portfolio of their earlier works furnishes a clear picture about a lot of things. You will be able to zero down to their style, capability and a lot of other aspects. The portfolios are not just about analyzing their work. There are good possibilities that you might come across something that you might want in your wedding.  When it comes to wedding planners most of the decisions are taken after going through the portfolios.


Communication plays an integral part when it comes to planning the wedding. When we say communication, it does not mean the way they speak when you meet them in person. It also includes the time that they take to respond to your messages, emails and calls. It is mandatory for the planners to be in constant touch with their clients and respond to their quires and doubts at the earliest.

Pricing Structure

Every wedding is different from one another.  If you crave for something extravagant, then you should be ready to pay the price. Most of the wedding planners will have a base price for the services that they offer. When you keep adding the extra elements then obviously the price goes up. So make sure that you take a look at the pricing structure.

At the same time, there are few wedding planners who quote high prices for the normal services. Make sure not to get trapped with these kinds of people because their only aim is to drain as much as money possible from you.

Other Weddings/clients

Even though it is a hard task, try to get in touch with their previous clients. Have a word with them so that you will be able to decide whether you can go with the same wedding planners or to opt for a different one. If they give positive feedback, then you are good to go. If the feedback is negative, then it is very much evident that you need to think of proceeding further with the same wedding planner.