10 Must-Have Photos You Shouldn’t Miss on the Big Day

A wedding day is just that – one single day. All those food and cake tastings, meetings, fittings, endless preparations, and planning come together on one single day. And, with just a blink of an eye, it will be over. So, make sure you capture all the wonderful moments during your wedding and turn your special day into a memory you can cherish for a lifetime!

The Most Important Wedding Moments You Need to Take

Your wedding photos will be reminders of your big day and they will last literally forever. However, since there are just too many things happening on a single day, it is easy to miss some of the most important shots every couple would love to look back on years after your wedding day. So, don’t let that happen and make sure to read through our 10 Must-Have shots for your big day!

Give this list or share our link to your photographer and have the most beautiful collection of photos that you can wish for. Have something to enjoy looking back on and cherish the happiest moments on your wedding day with our list!

1. Getting Ready Moments

There are lots of time and effort placed on making you look your best during your wedding day. And, after all that shopping and choosing what accessories to wear to picking the right wedding dress, you would want to document the big reveal! Have your maid of honor zip you up or have your mom push back those little strands of hair behind your ear before having your makeup done and you will certainly love looking back at it for years to come!

Also, consider taking those “before all the glitz and glamour” shots and cute robes or pajamas with your bridesmaids and enjoy the casual and effortless moment.

2. Bridal Portrait

Surely, it wasn’t easy finding “the one”, right? And, no matter where you got yours, whether at some famous couture designer store, bridal salon or on the internet, your wedding dress is a special item that you need to be able to save. Ensure that your dress has its solo moment and after, wear it and savor the moment under the spotlight.

This is your time to shine. So, show off that dress and show everyone how it looks fantastic on you! Coordinate with your photographer to make sure he sets off enough time to capture you in your wedding dress.

3. Groom and His Groomsmen

A lot of men don’t like taking too many photos… alone. However, if you put them all together, they will act as themselves, let loose, and be crazy! And, this is what you want to see years from now… how goofy they all looked like, playing tough and just having fun.

Of course, this also includes the groom portrait. This is to remind you of how dapper and handsome your husband looked on your big day!

4. Wedding Candids

Ah. Our favorite moment. This is where you can just be yourselves and act how you normally will when you and your soon-to-be husband are together. During this time, your photographer will simply snap pictures of you two, not directing you or telling you how to pose. These shots are often the most emotional and “true” moments on your wedding day. This can be the “first look” when you finally have your walk down the aisle, when your maid of honor makes her speech, or when you read your groom a love note before taking the walk.

5. The Exit

That “we did it” moment where you’re holding hands, smiling and have confetti thrown at both of you? It’ll be amazing when you look back at it years from now.

6. The Kiddos

It is a must that you share a photo with your flower girl/s and ring bearer. They are great for throwback photos especially when those little ones are all grown up and having their own wedding.

7. Rings

Other than your pearl necklace and diamond earring, one piece of jewelry that you will have to wear for your entire life – hopefully so – are your rings. These shots can be extremely creative, depending on your photographer.

8. Your Venue Shot

Imagine that your venue is just like you. It took long planning and preparation to make it look beautiful and elegant, just how you imagined it to be. So, before your guests start taking their seats, make sure to have your photographer sneak in and take a photo of your empty venue. It is the right time as everything still looks perfect.

9. The Kiss

Seal it with a kiss! To capture perfectly your first kiss as a married couple, maybe you can try to ask your officiant to step out of the shot for a bit. By kiss, we also mean all the other kisses you share while having your first dance or when you make your way out of the reception – it’s the perfect ending for your big day!

10. The After Party

Finish it off by just letting it loose on the dance floor and sharing some laughter with your friends and family while your photographer stays at a distance and just capture how tired and yet truly happy you are as your one single day comes to an end.

Why Hire a Professional Photographer?

The key to saving all those special moments during your big day is to have professional photographers who are ready to take them. Having a wedding photographer is undoubtedly important. Not only are they always prepared to take a shot but they are also extremely skillful, giving your beautiful moment creativity and added beauty! With professional photographers at your wedding, you can see just how beautiful your big day was through the eyes and perspective of an experienced artist. Moreover, with our list and a professional backing you up, you can finally see just you made the wedding of your dreams into a reality.