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Capturing the Moment!

Wedding in any individual’s life is definitely one of the most important and blissful experiences in life. It is a memory that needs to be cherished forever. Hence it is mandatory to capture all the important moments and make them timeless.

Candid Photography

It is those unscripted moments in a wedding that makes it beautiful. Every time you look at those pictures you can actually enjoy and recollect those awesome moments that made the wedding an exceptional event in your life. In Bridal Dish Photography a separate team of photographers will be assigned to capture candid moments throughout the event.

Wedding Films

Wedding films are more like a short version of the whole event. Some might even go that extra mile and recreate the whole journey of how they met and how they fell in love with each other. The Bridal Dish Photography is known for coming with great concepts to create wedding films.

Aerial Photography[Drone]

Aerial Photography using drones have become very common. It just elevates the entire scene and helps to capture some amazing shots. We have a special team to handle the drones and capture the amazing moments at a wedding.

Featured Wedding Album

By Chris Mac

Album: Jonathan Family

Rick Mansion Wedding Album

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