About Us

A wedding is hands down one of the most important milestones in the course of an individual’s life. It is indeed a blissful day, the start of a brand new chapter of life. Two people embark on a journey of beautiful uncertainties and promise to stick together for better or for worse. The memories made on this day remains etched forever in the minds of not only those two souls who pledge to walk together for the remaining of their lives, but also in the minds of whoever shares in their joy. Thus, documenting this wonderful day then becomes of paramount importance. This is where we, the team of Bridal Dish Photography come into the picture. 

Our team of photographers has highly creative people who are skilled and proficient at their art, ever ready to bring the joyous union of the two souls alive in every photo. We also have a team of cinematographers who work relentlessly towards filming the best wedding and pre-wedding stories. From capturing the most candid moments of the wedding to the favourite aerial photo shoot, we have separate teams that will ensure that your special day is covered in all its minute details and from every angle.  We understand that a wedding inundates people with a myriad of emotions and capturing the subtleties of every emotion in its rawest and its purest form is our job.

Bridal Dish Photography offers a plethora of photography and videography services for you to choose from-

Candid Photos

Our efficient team of photographers is ever ready to capture your candid smiles, unguarded laughter and those tears of joy. We understand that weddings can be overwhelming and we are here to take care of all your feelings and capture them in the best way possible.

Wedding Film

Some might say that the journey of love comes to fruition on the day one gets married, and some might even say that it is the start of a whole new chapter. Whatever the idea behind a wedding might be, a movie that charts the journey of the two souls and their joyous union adds a different dimension to the treasure trove of memories. We have a special team who keeps coming up with great concepts for your wedding and pre-wedding films and make sure that you have the best wedding story to look back on later in life or share with your loved ones.

Aerial (drone) Photography

Aerial Photography has become quite a rage since the last few years. It is much loved and appreciated for the beautiful edge it lends to photography or videography. Thus, it requires little mention that aerial photography has become a favorite among photographers. Bridal Dish Photography has a team of zealous photographers who capture the best wedding photos using a drone camera.

We, at Bridal Dish Photography, offer the best services at lucrative prices and make sure that your wedding photographs and films are delivered to you on time. Leave everything to us and fret no more about having your big day covered in the best way possible.